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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I knew I always wanted to work on video games, and figured it was a very competitive field. I figured my chances would be best as a programmer, so I went to school for Computer Science. Now, let me preface this by stating that I am a very "Right Brained" type of person. Computer Science tends to be a "Left brain" type of activity... In short Computer Science was very very hard for me. But, I also tend to be a very stubborn person when it comes to giving up. I don't do it. I wanted to work in the game industry, no matter what. I forced myself through the boring stuff, (which in hindsight, was not that boring...Sorting Algorithms are actually fascinating creatures) until I got to some of the higher level courses of which I could apply the knowledge directly to the game industry. Matrix Theory, AI, and Graphics Programming were a blast!

Graphics Programming. We had to make a "scene" using just OpenGL programming. I wanted to make a remake of the MC Escher's famous piece, "Relativity". I would say, for just using code, I did a fairly good job. You can download my project here.

The next year I went on to work on a small md2 graphics importer. But I had much more fun making the character for my little game. His name is Max and Max supposedly lost his marbles. The overall concept of the game was to help Max collect his marbles. To create Max I used the 3d Modeling Program known as "Milkshape3d".

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