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Friday, December 5, 2008

My first, "Paid Project"

So, I needed a way to "bring attention" to our internal announcements web page when important updates were made to the page. At first I thought, since I work in a game company, that the Mario Star, , would be a good indicator. But then, after a little more thought, I realized that Activision and Blizzard just merged, so a Wow Quest Exclamation point would be ideal. After about 10 minutes of searching google images, I realized that there were no good Warcraft Exclamation points out there suitable for web graphics. (I was looking for a 3d animated gif exclamation point.) So, I decided to boot up blender and go to work. This only took about 10 minutes from idea to completed gif. I should have started with Blender and I would have saved 10 minutes of searching! Anyway, here it is. Simple and Sweet.
Sadly, it appears that blogger does not support animated gif. So you will have to settle for a still version.

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