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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rendering Smoke in Blender

Hello all. I stuggled a little bit while trying to figure out Blenders new smoke & volume features and I thought I would write a little guide to make the process easier for others following in my footsteps. I'm righting this tutorial for Blender build 22805 which can be found here. Keep in mind, this proceedure might totally change in the future since this is an early development build of Blender 2.5.

1. Open the build. Start by saving the file so the cache knows where to save. Hit Z to enter wire frame mode.
2. Add a plane to the scene. Scale it down and fit it inside the default cube.
3. Add a particle system to your plane. Set the physics option in particles to "No". On the Render Panel, set the option to "None".
4. Go to the physics tab and add the smoke to the plane.
5. Set the radio button to "flow". Select your particle system in the text box. The default name is "ParticleSystem"
6. Select the default cube and add smoke to it in the physics tab
7. Set the radio button to "domain". You can play with the other options to have fun with your smoke, but it is not necessary.
8. Go to the material tab for the default cube. Select "Volume" from the radio buttons that have - Surface, Wire, Volume, Halo.
9. Under the Shading settings, set Density to 0.
10. Go to the texture tab for the default cube.
11. Under type, select "Voxel Data"
12. On the Voxel Data Panel select "Cube" as your domain object.
13. On the influence panel, check the option "Density".
14. Go to the World Panel and set the horizon color to black to better see the smoke.
15. Hit alt-a to let the simulation run... Cool smoke!
16. Stop the simulation on a cool looking frame.
17. Drag your lamp next to the camera so you get some good front lighting on the smoke.
18. Hit F12 to render and get something like this!

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