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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fire - Attempt #1

This is my first attempt at creating CG Fire. It took about a weekend of work to produce. The method used was created by Francois Grassard. The general idea is like this:
1. Create an object that you want to light on fire
2. Emit particles from that object
3. Use a "magnet/attractor" type force to draw the particles in the upward direction.
4. Use "wind" type forces at multiple sides of the object. Variance in the wind is good too.
5. Attach small spheres to the particles.
6. Find a nice orange material for the fire. (or whatever color you want the fire to be)
7. Light the spheres with a hard light on one side of the object
8. The magic is in the composting. You need to add a lot of blurs and glows to make this look right.

CG Fire - Attempt #1 from Sean Olson on Vimeo.

I'm not entirely happy with this fire yet. The color appears off. If you look closely you can still tell that spheres are used. The base does not look thick enough. And the randomness of the fire does not look quite right yet. I'll have another go at it in the future.

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