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Thursday, December 4, 2008

WoW and the 3d revolution

Ok, for about the past 4 years...basically since college, most of my free time has been spent playing the MMO known as World of Warcraft. It is a pretty amazing game, but you give up a lot to play it as well. Your social life turns digital. Anyway, being very into Wow I was determined to go to the most recent Blizzcon. (I went to the last ones too. It really is a blast.) Anyway, there was a fiasco when Blizzard was selling tickets this year. The website kept going down, and it was almost impossible to get to the transaction page. Ouch. But maybe not, because I actually would define this moment as a defining moment in my 3d career. Every time the webpage failed, we would see this image. Well, after staring at that image for 4 or 5 hours while getting red in the face, I decided, "Hey, lets make the best of this!" I then decided to go grab Blender and try my hand a modeling that SCV that kept popping up. Here are the results!

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